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Production and assembly
Electronic technologie

We are among the Italian Pioneers for the production of cards realized with SMT and THT tecnology, since the ‘70s your technologic partner.

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    Co-working, prototyping and industrialization.
    We assist the design phases of your electronic equipment by actively intervening in the industrialization phases and through the creation of prototypes and samples ...
    From samples to large batches.
    A company, ours, with a production capacity of over 250,000 components / hour. Latest generation technologies and systems designed to meet your needs in compliance with the quality standards that distinguish our know-how, responding to your search for excellence and reliability.
    Efficiency guarantee
    Advanced control systems guarantee the production of your orders. The systematic analysis of our products represents an essential guarantee in the research and maintenance of quality to which our company has always been devoted.
    We follow and guarantee the life of our product.
    Our company philosophy, aimed at achieving the customer's goal, requires us to take care of our production over time, activating and supporting concrete repair and technical assistance services.
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