packaging, warehouse and shipping

Advanced systems for special projects.

We have an advanced enterprise logisics system can handle in time and space components, raw materials and finished products, designed in detail to meet the needs of a functional chain without wasting time and resources.

The innovative system of traceability, merges tightly with the flow and business operations, ensuring an accurate tracking of batches through unique serial numbers.

The automatic system of our vertical warehouses guarantees an always vigilant inventory management and a quick supply of the assembly components.

Working on the “materials to the person” principle, we reduce waiting times and routes to minimum. The production, storage of the elements and finished products are guaranteed in terms of integrity and deterioration thanks to a constantly controlled environment in humidity and temperature and interference-free.

This meticulousness and cleanliness, even in the management of logistics goods, find reason to exist in the research for quality to be give back to the customer in terms of time, costs and efficiency.

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